Get Smart With Money: 5 Best Investing Games For Students

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Investing Games For Students

I understand how important education is for kids. However, it is also essential to get them acquainted with some suitable investment games. You might be wondering, “what are the best investing games for students?”

Investing games for students can offer a hugely enjoyable and interactive approach. To familiarize students with the finance and investment world. Through simulated investment scenarios. Students are capable of grasping various investment strategies, risk management, and financial decision-making within a secure and captivating environment. 

As financial literacy grows in significance in the present world. Investing games present students with a chance to develop critical thinking skills and attain a comprehensive understanding of finance.

Let’s cut the long talk and discuss the best investing games for students. As you read further, you will meet some of the best investing games and why they are good for students.

Best investing games for students

1. How the Market Works

The investing games for students known as “How the Market Works” is a web-based stock market simulation kind of game. It allows players to practice investing in the stock market. And teaches them all they should know about the financial market. The game provides educational resources. Such as tutorials, videos, and articles to aid players to learn about investing and the stock market.

It also provides players with virtual currency to invest in a simulated stock market. That uses real-time data from the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and NASDAQ. This is one of the best investing games for students. Because players can purchase and sell stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. They can also track the performance of their portfolio and compete with other players through leagues or contests. 

Age range: Middle School + High School

2. Build Your Stax

“Build Your Stax” is an exciting, fast-paced online investment game. It challenges players to maximize their profits by saving and investing within 20 years or 20 minutes in real time. Each year in the game lasts for a minute in real time. Players receive $4,000 every six months which is in 30 seconds to allocate to their preferred savings and investments.

As players advance through the game, they gain access to new investment opportunities to invest their money. The game begins with a basic savings account. Players gradually unlock more options such as certificates of deposit (CDs), index funds, individual stocks, government bonds, and crop commodities. Not forgetting gold as they progress through the game.

Age range: Open for any age group

3.  Student Stock Trader

The Student Stock Trader is an online investing games for students. It’s a stock market simulator that operates similarly to other websites offering similar services. However, it distinguishes itself from the competition in several ways. The first is its simple design. Which sets it apart from other investing games for students that may have a more complex and cluttered interface. 

Unlike other investing games for students and other similar stock trading simulation sites. The Student Stock Trader does not provide any tools or resources that users can use to improve their investing skills. Instead, the website focuses on simplicity and safety. One way it prioritizes safety is by not requiring any personal information from users. This feature makes the website a more attractive option for students who may be hesitant to provide personal information online.

Age range: Elementary+

Investing Games For Students

4. The Stock Exchange Game

The Stock Exchange Game is a board investing games for students. Where players aim to invest and save for retirement. In this game, each lap around the board represents a year in the player’s life. Players choose a token and take turns rolling the dice, progressing through two phases of the game.

In the first phase of the game, players buy and sell stocks, bonds, and gold. As they move around the perimeter of the board. The objective is to accumulate enough wealth to retire comfortably. To retire, players must cross diagonally to reach the retirement space on the board.

Each tile on the board has a prompt that players must follow when they land on it. These prompts may include paying a charitable donation of $15,000. Facing an IRS audit that takes away a quarter of their cash. And dealing with a medical crisis that costs $35,000. Additionally, landing on “World Events” or “Stock Alerts” tiles requires players to draw a card. Presenting new situations to the game.

Finally, The Stock Exchange Game is an investing games for students that offers a fun and interactive way to learn about investing and financial literacy. It challenges players to think decisively and make smart investment decisions while navigating life’s unexpected twists and turns.

Age range: Middle School + High School

5. Investopedia Stock Market Game

Investopedia offers a free stock market simulation to simplify complex financial information and help readers make educated decisions. Traders receive $100,000 in virtual cash to trade in a virtual environment. Making it suitable for any potential investor looking to test the market without risking their own money. 

Although not marketed explicitly for students, it provides an opportunity to learn finance basics and investing terminology, such as REITs. While it does not offer a real-time trading environment, there is at most a 15-minute lag. Which should not impede one’s learning.

Utilizing a simulator is an excellent method for fledgling investors to educate themselves about investing. Through this approach, they can gain insight into the basic investment principles. Climatized themselves by examining stock tables. Understand the consequences of market volatility, evaluate trading tactics, and delve into too many other topics. 

Moreover, the addition of new features in simulators allows students to grasp the knowledge of real-world occurrences. Such as corporate scandals, earnings reports, and the impact of Wall Street analysts’ ratings on stock prices.

Age range: Elementary


It is for sure that, any of the outlined investing games for students as mentioned on this page. Are a safe bet for teachers and professors to use in the classrooms. But students can use them at their leisure.

Based on the criteria detailed above, these investing games for students stand out as the top choices for students. Plus children who are interested in investing. As a student who’s interested in student loans, you might be wondering how to qualify for student loan forgivers, here’s how to qualify.  

However, it is crucial to consider the pros and cons when the primary objective is education. Increasingly, research is revealing the benefits of unifying games and simulations in the classroom. We commend teachers and professors who strive to introduce real-world financial education and trading technology to their students.

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