The Best INVESTING APPS FOR BEGINNERS That You Need to Download Now

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Investment is the best way to great profits. This claim is backed by rich people all over the world. A fat portfolio of investments will lead to a full account balance.
But there is a catch.

The catch is the fact that investments are risky and investors can either lose or gain. As a beginner, it can prove to be a headache. For this reason, it is important to have a foreknowledge of what to invest in, how to invest in it, and when to invest in it. Take Tang Jian as an example. He was a billionaire as of 2021. But he lost it all in 2022 after an investment went awry. He became a sausage seller to augment his income.

This is not to tell you to stay off investments but to make you tread cautiously. And thanks to investing apps for beginners, investment is now as simple as watching a movie on Netflix. No need for paperwork or files. All you need is your mobile phone and you are ready to invest in any asset. This has made it simple for beginners to invest in assets that can bring in income.
Investing apps make investing easier and time-saving. But there is a plethora of them out there and choosing the right one can be quite arduous. Some investing apps can have bugs that can lead to loss. Worry no more. Here is a list of the best investing apps in 2023.




For any platform to amass 18 million users is a sign of its expertise in its field. This is true for Robinhood. These investing apps have features that make it easy for both experts and beginners to navigate through the investment world just by touching their phone screens. Also, it allows investors to invest in a wide range of assets. The UX is also top-notch and beginner-friendly. Anyone with basic learning will have no difficulty using Robinhood as an investing app.


SoFi is an app that makes sure it is inclusive and does not discriminate against beginners. By making sure that the app is simple and well laid out, the developers’ goal of including beginners in the investment sphere was achieved. SoFi also gives skeptic beginners the chance to test the waters before diving fully into investment. With just $1, you can invest in this app. To further make it easy and less time-consuming, SoFi has an automated feature that facilitates the automation of investments. And these features are free.
Education is necessary for the field of investment and SoFi caters to this. By including various up-to-date articles in the app, beginners can become experts through reading. You can also reach out to experts working with the company, for free.


To beginners, investments are dark waters and it can be really frightening to invest. But with the Public, this fear is allayed. The public is a social platform where people interact and carry out investments. It is just like Facebook and Robinhood rolled up in one. And its interactive feature makes it easy for beginners to quickly grasp the key components of investment.

Public allows investors to follow others and learn from their portfolios. This is just like following a celebrity on Instagram and copying their dressing style. Group chats are also available. These group chats are made up of both greenhorns and experts. Beginners can learn a lot through the various messages. The Public also allows trade in over 20 cryptocurrencies and company shares can be purchased.


With a commission-free trading platform, TD Ameritrade sounds like the miser’s haven. But the app is more than this. It is a comfortable place where even babies can trade in without being confounded by the jargon most investing apps use. It gives beginners a platform to boost their investment skills.

Thinkorswim is the next tier after beginners have absorbed much knowledge about investment. The thinkorswim features a vast array of useful tools that investors can use to their advantage. Also, one-on-one chat sessions with experts are available on TD Ameritrade. This can be a very useful feature anytime the beginner needs advice or clarification.


Wealthfront has assets worth over $27 billion in over 470,000 accounts. This shows that investing apps for beginners are trusted by investors. This is coupled with the beginner-friendly features it employs to make trading on its platforms easier. Its UX and bug-free system reduce technical errors or glitches to the bare minimum. This has helped saved beginners from losing millions of dollars.


Simple, straightforward, and streamlined. These are the features that make ally invest a very good investing apps for beginners. It caters to all kinds of beginners. Be it “the enthusiastic beginner” who is willing to learn the ropes or “the lazy beginner” who wants an automated platform to trade on. The app’s Robo Portfolios help investors manage assets automatically. This saves time and is safer.
The app also makes use of fewer navigational features. Think of it as a room that has everything you need. Unlike some apps that are huge buildings with useless kinds of stuff.



Ever wonder why the squirrel in Ice Age loves Acorns? The answer is simple. Acorns are valuable. And it is the same with Acorns invest app. It allows for the automation of reading and investment for a fee of $3 per month. It also gives beginners a safe place to save their investments. But it is also easy to use and very efficient.

These are the best investing apps at the moment. They are all excellent investing apps for beginners who are looking to get a foothold in the world of investment. However, it should be noted that no investment comes without risk. But investing apps help to minimize those risks and reduce or stop loss.

Invest and trade with caution. This will make investment a fun-filled experience for everyone involved. Get your best investing app and begin surfing through the vast sea of wealth locked in investment. Who knows if you will be the next Jeff Bezos?

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